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Further to Doreen's message, apart from inheriting them, the other way, is 
through the stables/rikishi.  The stables and rikishi I believe have some 
available to their "support clubs", and the members of these are well 
conversant in the behaviour expected.  The one I got was through a friend 
who was a member of the suport club of a rikishi called Takamisugi, who was 
quite long lived in Makuuchi, and got the the rank of Komusubi -- he was 
never very well known though, for example he never won a "sansho" (I think 
he may hold the record for the most makuuchi appearances without ever 
picking on up..)

Another thing about the tickets is that it is not normal to get hold of them 
for their face value.  Normally they come with support from one of the "tea 
houses" which give you some food/sumo souveneirs of your day (usually tea 
cups/plates+food (bento)).  If you are in the sunakaburi you pick them up at 
the end of the day. In the "boxes" of four behind you get all your food and 
souveniers given to you. The tea house also escort you to your seat. 
(probably to ensure that any occupant whose "borrowed" it leaves 
promptly...)  This all adds about a factor of four or so the the face value 
ticket price...  I have to say I was very grateful on the day I went, as my 
glasses fell apart and they were very helpful in hunting down a jewellers 
screwdriver to repair them!

On the TV I think I have also seen the odd former wrestler/retired oyakata 
in the sunakaburi seats.

Further to Doreen's point re legs stretch out this to my mind is highly 
risky in addition be being rude, as if a rikishi falls on you you are much 
more likely to break a leg/shatter your knee.... If you are early at the 
sumo nobody seems to mind you sitting in the sunakaburi for a short time as 
long as you behave as expected and depart very promptly as things get busy.



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>.>Hi, Doreen,
>>Posted for all. If I'm only one, gomens around.
>>Pls fill us in on correct sunakaburi behaviour.  Your wealth of knowledge 
>>is breath of fresh air whenever you're on.  Your ole' Wakanami fan, 
> Since those front six rows are really intended for the habitues/fat cats, 
> who sometimes inherit their seat from a father and even grandfather, 
> perfect behavior is assumed.
> But since the sumo people make no fuss if less affluent custoimers use 
> them in the earlier hours of the sumo day, the previously unwritten rules 
> are spelled out.
> The main thing is to avoid showing disrespect, to avoid injuring falling 
> rikishi/gyoji etc., and to avoid injury to oneself.
> So: no eating, drinking, carrying things with sharp edges (anyone remember 
> the gyoji (Kimura Koichi) who fell onto a spectator's collapsible umbrella 
> and gashed his face? blood all over him and his costume.
> Small children are not normally allowed on the front two rows, even if 
> accompanied by a parent, because of the danger to themselves. It is also 
> disprespectful to turn one's back on the dohyo, so people getting a quick 
> photo
> of themselves with the dohyo as background have to be quick. The father I 
> mentioned yesterday was way out of line, with the little boy (actually not 
> all that little) sitting for some time with his back to the dohyo, on the 
> front row, way after
> the father had got his picture. That was when the judge beckoned a young 
> yobidashi to tell them to turn around. They were lucky that a change of 
> judges had taken place since their first warning (which was for getting on 
> the front two rows).
> In between times, both had sat back with thweir feet stretched out in 
> front of them -- a rude attitude in general Japanese society, except for 
> rikishi who often can't avoid it!
> My time is up so goodbye for now.
> Doreen Simmons
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