[sumo] Nobody here in Nagoya?

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Hi (coming out of lurker mode)

Having once sat in the sunakaburi (with a ticket rather than early in the 
day) the key point is that you are not allowed to eat any food  while in the 
area, which stretches five or six rows back around the dohyo as far as I 
remember. This means that you need to go back to the "tea house" which sold 
you the ticket (usually) to pick up/eat your yakitori etc. I think the idea 
is that you have nothing around you that could cause injury to a rikishi if 
you were unlucky enough for him to fall on you, although you are allowed to 
use a camera.  I guess if you are really in the front row or at a relevant 
row end, you would also be expected to keep your legs crossed out of the way 
so that you don't impede riskishi, yobidashi, gyoji, shimpan entering and 
leaving the ring area.   For rows further back you need to keep your legs 
crossed in anycase as your "space" is a single cushion.



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You're not the only one. I love these kinds of details and cultural notes. 
Please enlighten us Doreen -- if you have time and all... :)

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Hi, Doreen,

Posted for all. If I'm only one, gomens around.

Pls fill us in on correct sunakaburi behaviour.  Your wealth of knowledge is
breath of fresh air whenever you're on.  Your ole' Wakanami fan,

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