[sumo] [LATE INFO] Withdrawals/Returns Days 2-5 (no sekitori)

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Thu Jul 17 18:03:17 EDT 2008

I'm NOT marking this as spoilers since it's all already happened. But 
since I am now where I have email again (and not just web stuff), 
here's an update on what's happened with withdrawals and returns (all 
of it non-sekitori) for days 2-5.

Firstly, there was a late addition to the withdrawal list for day 1. 
The latecomer was  Makushita East 50 DAISHOUYAMA.

Day 2 saw no withdrawals, but 4 rikishi withdrew as of Day 3:

West Makushita 57 ASAHISHOU (0-1)
West Jonidan 72 KONGOFUJI (0-1, fusen day 2)
West Jonidan 121 TSUYA (1-0)
East Jonidan 128 MASUDA (0-1)

Again, no activity on day 4, but East Jonidan 128 MASUDA (0-1, 
withdrew day 3) returned to action on day 5.

Jeanne Hedge

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