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Rikishi Talk Nagoya Day 01 (Madorosumaru)
Asashoryu: (Looking extremely vulnerable in losing to Toyonoshima) [I 
had the right uwate so] I thought I could go for the finish. I got 
caught by his desperation throw.

Toyonoshima: (Happy as a clam in defeating Asashoryu for the first time) 
The nage worked because I put everything into it. I am really glad that 
I was able to finally win [over the yokozuna].

Hanaregoma Oyakata: (Observing Ryu's less-than-awesome performance) He 
seemed somewhat light. With that kind of sumo, he is going to have a 
difficult time.

Hakuho: (Showing some yokozuna zumo in disposing Prince Not-So-Charming, 
Kisenosato) I had a left-hand hold [of the mawashi] so I wasn't 
flustered. I was able to move quite well.

Kisenosato: (Succumbing to Hakuho despite getting his favorite hold) To 
lose after grabbing the uwate really hurts. That's something I have to 
work on.

Kotooshu: (Outdone by nemesis Aminishiki from the get go) For a moment, 
I thought it was matta. Did he touch the dohyo [before he stood]? What 
do you guys think?

Aminishiki: (Noting the ozeki set up in an unusually early ready 
position) All I had in mind was to not get beat at tachi-ai.

Kitanoumi Rijicho: (Reacting to Osh's excuses) It's not good that he's 
saying such things from the first day.

More Rijicho: (On Osh's tsunatori requirements, which may now be moot) 
He needs to do better than last basho. Achieving 14 [or more] wins is 
going to be a long, hard road. Moreover, the quality of his sumo will 
also be important.

Kokonoe Oyakata: (Won 14 straight after shonichi loss in his tsunatori 
basho) I don't sense the kind of determination from Kotooshu of wanting 
to succeed in tsunatori no matter what. In my case, I felt there 
wouldn't be too many opportunities so I went after it as if my life 
depended on it.

More Osh: (Sounding properly dejected) Well, today is over with. I'll 
just have to start over with a fresh attitude.

Kotomitsuki: (Showing Wakanoho who's the boss) I was surprisingly calm 
and collected. I want [to continue doing well so] the hometown crowd 
will keep on cheering for me.

Chiyotaikai: (Opening with a nice win in another kadoban basho) I won 
for a change. [The time between basho] felt really long [after the 
dismal Natsu Basho]. Everything seems different when you win even one.

More Taikai: (Wistfully) If would only do sumo like today's all the time 
. . .

Kaio: (Authoritatively flinging Asasekiryu onto the dohyo) It's still 
the first day. The [dreaded] Nagoya heat is not too bad. When the 
weather gets miserable, it really affects one's physical well-being.

Ama: (Having no problem with Futeno) I am ranked higher than he is. I 
can't lose bouts like that.

Kotoshogiku: (Upset by veteran Tochinonada) My tachi-ai wasn't bad, and 
I was determined not to get out-pushed. Darn it. I'm p.o.'d.

Chiyohakuho: (Victorious in head-to-head against fellow promotee 
Masatsukasa) The crowd was all excited. It felt good to do sumo in front 
of all those people. I was nervous only during the dohyo-iri.

Quotes of the Day

Aminishiki: (In partially snipping Osh's tsunatori chances) I guess I 
didn't do him much of a favor.

More Ami: (Watching Toyonoshima land a bigger fish) That guy is going to 
steal my spotlight.

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