[sumo] [Spoiler] Video - last three bouts of day 1

Scott Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Mon Jul 14 13:07:53 EDT 2008


In the past, I sent Joe a contribution by Paypal.  You can send it to 
his Paypal address.  Joe??


Marc Auslander wrote:

>I contributed to info-sumo last year and this - before the "change".
>Last year, he got 42 contributions, this year 17 so far!
>If all of us who enjoy the site had contributed voluntarily, he would
>not be, in desperation I think, trying to force the issue.
>It costs money to provide that web site.  I know that Joe provides
>this one "for free", and I'd be happy to contribute to him as well if
>I knew how.  But you can't just assume that info-sumo can afford the
>So please - just all give him a small contribution and get on with
>enjoying the sumo.
>Marc Auslander

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