[sumo] [Spoiler] Video - last three bouts of day 1

Jigokuzan jigokuzan2 at info-sumo.net
Mon Jul 14 12:40:22 EDT 2008

There are a few possibilities:
1 - you live in japan, it will only cost you the NHK annual fee: a 
minimum of 90 € ((around 144$)
2 - you live in Europe, you can get JSTV (Japanese Satellite TV). 
Without registration fee, decoder and dish, the annual cost is 600€ (960$)
3 - you live in the US: TV Japan (I don't know the annual fee - it isn't 
4 - you live anywhere with an internet connexion, you watch the 
streaming : it's free
5 - you visit youtube but you won't find all bouts there. It's free
As you can see, there are not many ways to get free sumo videos. If you 
really like sumo, you may choose between one of the above solutions. Or 
any other cheaper one. You just have to compare and decide according to 
quality, regularity and cost.

Tetsuonoumi a écrit :
> So again, anyone know of other places to find video of the current 
> basho? Or sneaky ways to retrieve the video from the info-sumo site? ;-)
> -Tetsuonoumi

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