[sumo] [Spoiler] Video - last three bouts of day 1

Tetsuonoumi wcb at BostonDynamics.com
Mon Jul 14 11:46:51 EDT 2008


         I sympathize with what info-sumo felt it needed to do.  I 
have no problem with them making a decision to alter how they run 
their website.  But, for me, following sumo has always been free, and 
once it starts costing me money I'll probably stop following, even 
though I have been following sumo since 1997.  Getting video of the 
ongoing basho is critical for following...so I hope I can find some 
way of continuing my enjoyment of sumo.

         FWIW - there are a lot of sites that start up free due to a 
love for something, but after a while the love wears off and the 
costs build up.  I never asked info-sumo to offer free video in the 
past, it was just something they did.  And I was most 
appreciative!  But there always is something funny to me about people 
who offer free stuff and then later on change their mind...and act 
like people like me now owe them something or are cheap for not 
complying.  Indeed, in your message, you imply that I "assume that 
info-sumo can afford the cost"...when did I do that?  This was all 
their idea, not mine.

         BTW - when a "contribution" is obligatory it is no longer a 
contribution or donation, it is a fee.

         So again, anyone know of other places to find video of the 
current basho?  Or sneaky ways to retrieve the video from the 
info-sumo site? ;-)


At 11:00 AM 7/14/2008, you wrote:
>I contributed to info-sumo last year and this - before the "change".
>Last year, he got 42 contributions, this year 17 so far!
>If all of us who enjoy the site had contributed voluntarily, he would
>not be, in desperation I think, trying to force the issue.
>It costs money to provide that web site.  I know that Joe provides
>this one "for free", and I'd be happy to contribute to him as well if
>I knew how.  But you can't just assume that info-sumo can afford the
>So please - just all give him a small contribution and get on with
>enjoying the sumo.
>Marc Auslander
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