[sumo] [games] Invitation to Sekitori-Toto for Nagoya 2008

Asashosakari at gmx.net Asashosakari at gmx.net
Fri Jul 11 09:50:53 EDT 2008

Dear sumo gamers,

With the Day 1 torikumi released, Seki-Toto is now open for your first picks. [1]

Rules in a nutshell for new players (please register [2] if you want to play): For all 35 or so sekitori bouts on each day of the basho, pick who you think will be the winner, or choose "X" for a guaranteed half-point. The best 50% of all active players for each day score a win, the other 50% a loss, with the most wins earning the yusho. Detailed rules are available. [3]

Good luck to all old and new players!

Note: The email address for emergency pick submissions if/when the server or database goes down is now prominently listed on the front page [4] (which shouldn't be affected by sumogames.com server outages). 

[1] Pick Entry: http://sekitoto.sumogames.com/sekitoto.asp?WCI=Enter
[2] Registration: http://sekitoto.sumogames.com/sekitoto.asp?WCI=Register
[3] Rules: http://www.anasuya.com/toto/rules.html
[4] Front Page: http://www.anasuya.com/toto/index.html


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