[sumo] (games) - torchbearer 2007 update

kj bauman shimodahito at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 9 21:54:38 EDT 2008

good day all, 
just an update as to where the torch is with the release of the new banzuke. amazingly, the torch has been held by only four rikishi and seven ranks. if anyone would have picked Fukao or Jk24e, they would have racked up some points.....  so far, only the wildcard has points.

HATSU BANZUKE: Jk33e Morikawa (wildcard's rank and shikona pick)
HATSU DAY 03: torch handed to Jk32e Fujiazuma (wildcard: 2 points)
HATSU DAY 06: Jk32e Fujiazuma beats Jk30 Takamine 
HATSU DAY 07: Jk32e Fujiazuma withdraws from basho....
HARU BANZUKE: Jk21e Fujiazuma
HARU DAY 01: Jk21e Fujiazuma beats Jk20w Azumahana 
HARU DAY 03: Jk21e Fujiazuma beats Jk19w Daishiryu 
HARU DAY 05: torch handed to Jk26e Fukao 
HARU DAY 08: Jk26e Fukao beats Jk27e Homarefuji 
HARU DAY 09: Jk26e Fukao beats Jk19e Shikinokawa 
HARU DAY 11: Jk26e Fukao beats Jk10w Noguchi 
HARU DAY 13: Jk26e Fukao beats Jk2w Chiyonishiki
NATSU DAY 02: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd24w Fusanohana
NATSU DAY 04: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd23e Kotokashiwadani
NATSU DAY 05: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd26e Kaorufuji
NATSU DAY 08: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd30w Kinokawa
NATSU DAY 09: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd36w Katagiri
NATSU DAY 11: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd12e Genkaimaru
NATSU DAY 13: Jd24e Fukao beats Jd65w Daishoiwa
NATSU KETTEI-SEN: torch handed to Jd93e Homarefuji
NAGOYA BANZUKE: Sd85e Homarefuji

we're getting closer to the ranks and shikonas of some entrant's picks.... best of luck to all,


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