[sumo] Annual NHK Budget

Mike Charlton mikekchar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 10:15:20 EDT 2008

The vast majority of non-Japanese speaking people I know here do not
watch broadcast TV.  Even though there are bilingual programs (even
Dr. Who!!!), virtually none of my friends feel it is worth the effort
to seek them out.  In fact, I would say the biggest problem is that none
of them can read a TV guide, so they have no way of knowing when
a bilingual show is on.  Also American TV shows are easy to rent
(only 200 yen at Tsutaya), so there is little incentive to kill yourself
with broadcast.

I love NHK.  I watch it in both English and Japanese and I'm very
happy to hand over my money each month.  But I can think of
only one other non-Japanese person (out of about 25 that I know)
who feels this way.  I can see why they are cutting back English service.
However, I'm trying to convince my friends that the news is reason
enough to pay their NHK bill.

The one thing I can't fathom is that the English language coverage
of sumo seems to only be on BS.   I don't get it on my TV.  My
Japanese is good enough to enjoy the Japanese coverage, but sometimes
I feel nostalgic for the English coverage.  I don't quite understand
why I don't get it over normal broadcast :-(


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