[sumo] [games] Invitation to play Bench Sumo

Jezz jejima at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 00:07:16 EDT 2008


You are cordially invited to join Bench Sumo this basho.  Bench Sumo
is one of the many 'fantasy' sumo games that are played during the
basho.  (To find more sumo games, go to <www.sumogames.com>, where most are
listed, or check the sumo forum thread on the games at

If you would like to join our Jonidan Division in this fun, global
game, please do the following.....

1)  Send an email to <bench_sumo-subscribe at yahoogoups.com> - we keep our
games posts separate to the main Sumo ML.
2)  Go to <http://benchsumo.sumogames.com> to register and enter your
squad for the July basho (all entries to be in before 2 pm
JAPAN TIME (NB This is earlier than in most parts of the world)
Friday, the 11th July - sorry, it is not possible to make a late
3)  Go to <http://www.benchsumo.net> to read the rules :-)  Don't worry
about the tie-breaker rules.  The essence of the game is easily picked
up by playing it a couple of days.

Good luck!

Jejima (Bench Sumo Rijicho)

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