[sumo] (SPOILER) The final match

Kaiopectate! cfinberg862 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 16:09:59 EST 2008

One tends to forget that, as one listens to the English-language
commentators discuss how the inability to take a break to recuperate from
injuries has affected so many guys ... Kotooshu, Baruto....

On 1/30/08, Kintaro <crouchkd at comcast.net> wrote:
> Kaiopectate! asked:
> Two questions:  Will Paolo be crying after Asashoryu trounces Hakuho
> handily
> in March?  And, can anyone suggest a recipe for their dinner date which
> will
> follow, when Hakuho brings the fish and Asashoryu brings the mushrooms?
> Kintaro replies:
> Hmmm... I don't know about that.  Don't forget that Asashoryu (the Britney
> Spears of Sumo) is still suffering from his frail mental state... remember
> the reports of his incoherent babbling and severe depression?  His mind so
> fragile that only a trip to his homeland could pull him out of his funk?
> Perhaps Takasago Oyakata will invite Dr. Phil to treat the Yokozuna's
> feeble, frail, and brittle mental health.
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