[sumo] [games] TRIO invitation

Gilles Furelaud furelaud at free.fr
Fri Jan 11 16:06:54 EST 2008

Hello all sumo fans, and sumo gamers !

You're all invited to play the TRIO sumo game. TRIO is an ISP-like game, 
where players chose one between two teams of three rikishi every day.To 
win, the player has, of course, to guess which of the two teams will 
clinch the most win (and try to predict the score of the encounter : 2-1 
or 3-0).
The game is played on info-sumo.net, one of the main French sumo site 
and the only French sumo forum. No knowledge of French is necesseray to 
play the game (it isn't difficult to understand the composition of 
teams), and no registration is necesseray either.

Complete rules can be found (in French and English) here : 

The teams are posted everday in the TRIO forum : 
("jour" means "day", and "résultats" means "results")

Everybody is welcome to the game, so don't hesitate to come play with us !

          Gilles, aka Furanohana

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