[sumo] A Happy Hatsubasho! to you all.

Jezz jejima at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 21:24:22 EST 2008

On 11/01/2008, Walker, Jay CTR NHRC <Jay.Walker at med.navy.mil> wrote:
> The Sumo Mailing List started on May 26, 1993.  So our 15th anniversary
> is a few months away.  I'm not sure if Peter May was the actual one who
> started it, but he was one of the key people in getting it launched.  I
> believe (though not sure) that it soon migrated to North Carolina State
> with Chris Basten as the administrator for quite a few years.
> Jay


Peter was the one who started this mailing list.  The 'list' dates to
before Chris Basten started hosting it.  If I recall from past posts
on the subject, the original purpose of the list was to provide the
daily results during the honbasho (a service that Peter kindly
provided) to interested parties, and it developed from there.


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