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Sun Jan 6 10:52:55 EST 2008

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>And from Sunday, Japan time:
>Hakuhou is planning to go for degeiko either at Isegahama or 
>Dewanoumi beya today. Guess who has the same plans. Will we see a 
>double Yokozuna degeiko and some subsequent skirmishes? We'll know 
>in a few hours. "If he meets up with Asa, he has orders to do sanban 
>geiko with him.. It's imperative Hakuhou has a chance to size up the 
>opposition!", promised Kumagatani Mentor. The last time they met up 
>in keiko was at Naruto beya before last July, and they ended up 5-5-1.

An update on the possible all-yokozuna keiko. It didn't happen:

The only thing right about all the Hakuhou keiko speculations from 
yesterday was that he did go for his first degeiko this time around. 
No Dewanoumi beya, or Isegahama beya. No head to head with 
Asashouryuu. Instead, he went to Kasugano beya and had it out with 
Tochinonada, Tochiouzan and new Juryo Kimurayama. 25 bouts, won them 
all. "I did my own sumo till the end, and that's a good thing", he 
said after the session. He didn't seem to be out of breath, but his 
tachiai was clearly lacking intensity. "I'm going at it at my own 
pace. There's still enough time till the start of the basho so I'm 
not going to rush things", he explained, adding that he intends to do 
more degeiko-ing.


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