[sumo] Asa vs Ama

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Sat Jan 5 09:37:22 EST 2008

More on Asa's visit to Isegahama, also from Kintamayama:

"Every blow of the Yokozuna's attack is heavy.. It was a good lesson 
for me before the basho. I have received some genkiness!", said Ama 
who was subject to some hard thrashing by Asashouryuu and was even 
thrown against the wall. He did, however, manage to win three bouts. 
Being on a possible Ozeki run, he continued training even after 
vomiting during butsugari with Asa.

"Patience!! Aren't you frustrated that you are losing??", said 
Asashouryuu unto Ama during their fierce keiko. "It's a great honor 
that the Dai-Yokozuna came to visit us. He has brought health and 
power and luck to me. I went all out as not to be discourteous, but 
his tsuppari is awesome. I'll do my best , not thinking of a 
promotion- I'll just do my own Sumo", said Ama. His mage dangled to 
his neck, his body was all red, and he was totally out of breath.

Jeanne Hedge

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