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More from Moti on Asashoryu keiko:


Asashouryuu went to Isegahama-beya (former Ajigawa) today for degeiko - 24
bouts. 17 against Ama, 5 against Aminishiki and 2 against Juryo Asoufuji,
and went 21-3. With Ama he practiced a low tachi ai and overwhelmed him time
and again by doing quick forward-moving sumo. Aminishiki was seen pushing
Asa around a bit, but Asa always withstood his attacks and using his speed
managed to turn the tables on him. Even after 24 bouts, Asa looked calm and
was not out of breath. "It's a wonder.. I wish today was shonichi. But there
are still 10 days, so I guess I better not talk like this yet..", he said
cheerfully. When Isegahama Oyakata asked them to end the keiko, Asa
asked,"Don't you guys do butsugari??" So he lent his chest to Ama, going at
it so ferociously that Ama threw up. 
What were Asa's parting words after keiko? "Ama has really gotten stronger

"I had good keiko"
"I will gambarize".
"My ankle still hurts a bit but I'm OK'
"A great start for a new year. I'm feeling revitalized!!"
"Haku- who?'


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