[sumo] Chiyotaikai Training News

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Wed Jan 2 20:12:42 EST 2008

You're very welcome, Maguroyama. :)

And now, more info culled from various forum posts.

Chiyotaikai's right elbow is apparently still giving him trouble.  At 
the time of the posting in the forum (Dec 27) he couldn't really do 
keiko, and was only giving advice to the lower rankers.  Asked about 
Hatsu basho, Chiyo replied "I still don't know... since I can't do 
any keiko..."  Kokonoe-Oyakata quote: "I know his elbow hurts. If so, 
he can do some shiko and suriashi. He could at least do something."


Jeanne Hedge

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