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Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Tue Jan 1 17:30:22 EST 2008

The Asa Circus continues
(culled from many messages by many posters on the forum)

In the days before Christmas, Ms. Uchidate of the YDC paid an 
unannounced visit to Takasago beya, on a day when Asa was not there. 
She freaked, as she usually does.

The next day, Asa came to keiko an hour earlier than usual, tutored 
the low-rankers, and had 20 bouts against Asaskiryuu.

The next day, Asa went to Kasugano for degeiko and had 10 bouts with 
Futeno and Tochinonada. He was gone in 20 minutes, saying he had to 
return to his heya for the mochitsuki ceremony. Kasugano-Oyakata 
wasn't happy that he didn't work with the younger rikishi, that he 
has *never* been greeted by the yokozuna, etc etc etc. There were 
comments by forum members that Kasugano-Oyakata is the one who is 
grumpy and doesn't greet people.

In a later posting (perhaps from a different original source) it was 
said that Asa *did* greet Kasugano, practiced for 10 minutes, was 
there for 20 minutes total, then thanked the Oyakata and explained 
why he had to leave.  Usually a Yokozuna is expected to train for 
about an hour total. Asa also explained that he was there for a 
shorter time than he'd originally planned (which wasn't for an hour) 
because the sekitori keiko started late.

OTOH, Asa said his leg injury is getting better.

Asa's leg (ankle) injury is better, but now his neck is bothering him.

Posted by Kintamayama on Dec 24, a summary of Asa's keiko to that time:
7th - butsugari with under Makushitas-lent his chest twice
8th - rest
9th - butsugari and then 16 bouts with Makushita and under
10th - 9 bouts with Makuuchi Asasekiryuu, denied keiko at Tomozuna-beya
11th - Kasugano degeiko, 14 bouts with sekitori
12th - rest
13th - butsugari -new committee comes to watch keiko
14th - Kasugano degeiko-13 bouts with sekitori
15th - 21st - rest
22nd - Makuuchi Asasekiryuu -20 bouts
23rd - Kasugano degeiko- 10 bouts with sekitori
24th - rest

In the 7 day span of "rest days" between the 15th and 21st, Asa spent 
5 of those days working out at a gym.  Some forum members point out 
that some sumo people won't consider gym work as anything related to 
getting ready for the basho, and will be especially irked because 
while it may help him prep, it does nothing for the low rankers.

On Christmas, Asa went back to Kasugano for degeiko. He has moshi-ai 
with low rankers, and 20 matches vs sekitori, including a butsugari 
session with Kimurayama and Tochinoshin (new sekitori).

For the last day of keiko, Asa did light work (11 bouts) with the 
lower rankers. He promises to have his best year ever in 2008.

He was also late for keiko, saying his manager/driver overslept. 
Takasago-Oyakata decided to end keiko earlier than usual (everyone 
travelling and such), and the session was already over when Asa 
arrived. The session was re-opened, Asa warmed up, had his bouts, and 
things ended at 10AM instead of 9:30. Some of the deshi were not happy.

Jeanne Hedge

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