[sumo] Kotomitsuki Training Report

Lon Howard itsulon at wavecable.com
Tue Jan 1 16:55:18 EST 2008

On Jan 1, 2008, at 1:26 PM, Jeanne Hedge wrote:

> OK... here goes...  This is derived from the forum.
> (http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13485)
> Kotomitsuki, as everyone may recall, was hospitalized with stomach  
> pain in October, ultimately diagnosed as gall stones. He had  
> surgery for the problem in late November, and the final stitches  
> removed on December 19.
> His first keiko session (14 matches against low-rankers) was a few  
> days later.  His first keiko with sekitori was on Christmas day,  
> and involved 7 bouts against Kotoshogiku.  He was not reporting any  
> pain, and the only sign he'd lost time was that he was down to 149  
> kilo (7 kilos lost).
> Today's report (from Kintamayama) is that he's back up to 153 kilos  
> and is promising to beat Asashoryu after 27 consecutive losses.   
> Kotomitsuki is quoted as saying, "I'm not feeling helpless against  
> him any more. After all, I am an Ozeki..."

Mickey's actual thought, including the un-uttered part:  "I AM an  
ozeki, and Shoryu HAS been off the dohyo for six months, and it IS  
reported he still has injuries, and he DOES know that Uchidate's army  
is watching him like a hawk..."

Lon Howard

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