[sumo] More Arrests to Come?

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Fri Feb 29 19:28:12 EST 2008

According to Kintamayama over on the Forum, SEVEN people are going to 
be prosecuted in the Tokitsukaze case. The seven are:  the 
ex-oyakata, the 3 rikishi originally implicated, TWO more active 
rikishi (one with Juryo experience), and a retired rikishi. No link 
to the source of the information.

Asashosakari said that the retired rikishi is reported to be 27 years 
old, while the active ones are 27 and 28. SPECULATION is that the 
retiree might be Tokinoumi (who was the rikishi who admitted to 
participating in the whole thing with the baseball bat). The only 28 
year old in the stable is Toyonokuni (Ms13E - formerly Minami, 
Toyonokuni, Tokifutatsu; 1 Makushita yusho (7/2004)), who also has 
Juryo experience (1 basho, 11/2004). That would make the 27 year old 
active rikishi either Toyohikari (Ms55E - formerly Ogoshi) or 
Kisomitsuru (Sd23E - formerly Matsuura, Kisomitsuru, Soranzan, Sotairan).

Apparently (again, according to Kintamayama's sources), the richijo 
was off at a private function and didn't participate in a press 
conference to apologize (yet again) to the family and say what will 
happen to the accused. The Kyokai press office instead said they were 
watching the police investigation closely and would act accordingly. 
The media is reported to be all over the richijo.

OTOH, Tokitsukaze Oyakata (ex-Tokitsuumi) did hold a press 
conference, saying that they would take the investigation seriously. 
He said he wouldn't force the rikishi to retire, and would act in 
accordance with the Kyokai's decision on the matter. He did not know 
if the active rikishi involved would participate in Haru.


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