[sumo] [Sumo Games] Invitation for Shiyonofuji's Upside Down Hoshitori

Alexander Herrmann alexander.herrmann at seisa.de
Tue Feb 26 14:17:31 EST 2008

Hello gamers,

the UDH entry form is ready now and waiting for your selections.

Rules in a (very small) nutshell: Guess the thirteen makuuchi rikishi 
you expect to have the fewest wins this basho.

You may submit your entry at:


or via the sumogames.com portal:


Once you have selected your team, please root for them as much as you 
can. The game was not intended to honor any failure, but to stimulate 
interest in the less successful rikishi.

The deadline for your entries will be the first day of the basho 
(Sunday, March 9th) at 12pm Japanese Time.

Good luck!

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