[sumo] Asashoryu's latest 'doings'

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Tue Feb 26 12:14:59 EST 2008

Isn't that the
Japanese way, and the traditional sumo way ?

Answer: Traditionally, The only crime is getting caught.

On 2/26/08 11:58 AM, "Scott M. Kahn" <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote:

> Do you mean to tell me that all Asashoryu did was yell at the
> stalkarazzi photographer who tried to manufacture an incident,
> considering that Asashoryu was traveling in private from his family
> gathering?
> As if prior reports weren't disturbing enough, now comes word that
> Tokitaizan was tied up like an animal and beaten, just prior to his
> death.  I can not believe for one second that those who condoned
> this act, and those who carried it out did not report or confess
> these circumstances to the Kyokai well before the police
> investigation began.  Or perhaps the Kyokai's internal
> investigation was not meant to find guilt.  Either way, it is
> apparent to me that senior members of the Kyokai must resign and
> accept responsibility for this horrendous act.  Isn't that the
> Japanese way, and the traditional sumo way (or is it only Asashoryu
> who must adhere to petty unwavering rules)?.
> Sukubidubidu
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