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Sorry I don't have much to offer than links to articles, but this might be  
life-saving for the gross one:
Former Sumo Wrestler Gets Life Changing Surgery
Updated: Feb 16, 2008 12:40 AM  
By _Kristine Uyeno_ (mailto:kuyeno at khnl.com)  
HONOLULU (KHNL) --  More than a decade ago, local boy "Konishiki"  retired 
from the sumo world.  
The former Ozeki, has remained busy in the entertainment industry.  
And now, he's finally making time, for another chapter in his life. 
During his 15 years as a sumo wrestler, Konishiki weighed nearly 600 pounds.  
He was hard to miss. But the next time you see him, he may be, 
"I finally had the courage to finally go take care of myself," he said. 
In less than two weeks, the former Ozeki will be getting gastric bypass  
"I just told myself it's time to make a change with my health and plus my  
body's broken. I got broken fingers from sumo. 
He says his doctors are surprised that he's pretty healthy for his size. No  
high blood pressure, and a strong heart. But diabetes does run in his family.  
We come from a state where food is ono and you have barbecues every weekend,  
your hamburger steaks. We live, wherever you go, there's food. If you go to a 
 party for ten, you actually got food for 100 people." 
The 44-year-old says he's been heavy all his life. He's ready for a new  
People don't notice but I have a chair that I carry around with me now. It'll 
 be more comfortable to be sitting in other people's homes and restaurants 
and  places and buses, so I'm really looking forward to it. 
Konishiki will be getting the surgery in Honolulu on February 25th.  

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