[sumo] akebono - a real comic-tragedy - not really sumo

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This is particularly saddening and tragic when one
considers he could have been the head of a stable
now raising other rikishi possibly to the heights
he once commanded.

Azumazeki, in an effort to keep him in ozumo offered
to take an early retirement so Akebono could take
over the heya, but he apparently did not feel the 
calling, as it were.

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver
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>From this website: _http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?t=730855_ 
(http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?t=730855)  .  What a pity.
would his mother think?
"Taking dives in diapers: did Akebono's fall from grace also claim his  

Sumo wrestler Akebono was once at the pinnacle of his field.  The 
American-born 38-year-old holds the exalted status of being the first ever
to attain the status of yokozuna, the highest rank in Japan's  ancient and 
dignified national sport, notes Shukan Bunshun (2/17).

So the  sight of sumo's former kingpin dressed as a 2-meter-tall, 
200-kilogram-plus  baby, complete with pacifier, is for most a tragedy;
except for those 
with  fairly specific tastes.

In his post sumo career, "Makebono", as he came  to be known ("loser-bono"),

made something of a habit of hitting the  mat.

"Akebono became a martial arts fighter, but he was a disaster in  (the 
fighting sport of) K-1," a writer on the martial arts beat tells Shukan
"Now, he's taking part in exhibition professional wrestling where he  plays
part of a baby called Monster Bono."

Akebono has hitched  himself up with a troupe called "Hustle." Monster Bono,

the baby character he  plays for the staged wrestling shows, is supposed to
the child of diminutive  model Yingling of JoyToy, another member of the 
traveling  circus.

Shukan Bunshun (2/14)"Akebono is supposed to be a baby when  he's sucking on

the pacifier. But, when he's attacked, he drops the pacifier out  of his
and instantly turns into 'the magical world's yokozuna' who fights  back 
fiercely," a fighting world insider says. "I've heard his wife, Christine,
is so 
ashamed of how far he has fallen that she doesn't want their three kids to  
see him in the ring, and I've heard that they've actually  separated."

Akebono's handlers bitterly deny suggestions that he and his  wife have 
split. Nonetheless, it seems for the former yokozuna that there are  falls
than the one to the K-1 mat.

"His wife and kids had  ringside seats for his K-1 clashes, and the TV used 
to show them covering their  mouths in shock while Akebono was getting
in the ring, but now you  never see his family in public," the martial arts 
writer tells Shukan Bunshun.  "'Hustle' only pays a few hundred thousand yen

per fight, maybe 1 million yen at  most. He must be feeling the pinch 
financially, too." (By Ryann Connell) "
Here's his picture:
Here are videos:
0 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Apej7t3z7m) 

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