[sumo] Jungyo and Koen

Dale Carlson drc at oz.net
Mon Feb 11 00:45:28 EST 2008

At 12:40 PM 2/11/2008 +0900, Doreen Simmons wrote:
>That is an oversimplification. Tough negotiating is carried out, and 
>probably each koen is different. The country being visited has to make 
>certain arrangements and is expected to provide venues and the like, as 
>well as helping with the organizing, but it is Japan that commonly 
>shoulders much of the burden of sending the tour group. In the case of 
>a jungyo, it is the Kyokai that requires guarantees from local 

So what was the event in Vancouver 10 (!!) years ago? Did the government
of Canada subsidize it? They printed plenty of postage stamps commemorating
the event. And every day I wear a nice baseball cap embroidered with a couple
of rikishi in combat and "Sumo Canada _Basho_" above them :) The few times
it's come up, I've tried to explain that it was actually a koen, and
certainly not
a basho...

Confused :)

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