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Kuramarujo klemmerj at webtrek.com
Sun Feb 10 16:54:51 EST 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 05:35 -0800, o s aka wrote:

>  Sorry to bring something up from three months ago but I have been
>  recovering from a few strokes and cannot get myself stressed out. 

	Sorry to hear that.  Please do your best to get well.

>  Unfortunately, every time I read a "private" e-mail Moti sent me, I
>  got stressed.

	This might not be the best way to de-stress, though.

>  In case you do not recall it, I said that in my opinion he was adding
>  unnecessary letters to shikona and that I thought I might not be the
>  only one who felt that way.  He came back with "I have been doing it
>  that way for 10 years!"  I am sure you all remember that thread.  If
>  you missed it you are the lucky ones.

	To revive it isn't exactly the best way t move on, is it?

>  Anyway, much was written back and forth after I was incapacitated and I
>  was not able to clarify my position.  So, here goes.  There were more
>  than a few who said the extra letters helped them in learning to read
>  or speak Japanese.  In that regard, I totally agree.  There were also
>  a few who agreed with me.  I was just asking to standardize the
>  spelling.  Since most of the list in in English, I would have liked it
>  to be spelled the way it is on the English page of the Kyokai's site. 
>  I assume I am not the only one who uses it.

	This seems strange to me.  I've only been on this list for six years
and the subject of moti's spelling has been mentioned a few times.
Everyone always seemed to feel that if he wants to spell phonetically
(or whatever) that's fine.  It's not an issue that's even worth
discussing let alone arguing.  When I write "Kaio" and he writes "Kaiou"
everyone knows who we're talking about.  moti's spelling just reinforces
proper pronunciation.

>  A side point.

	Side stepped.

>  Let's see if I can get this out this time.  I tried once before when
>  Barbara Klein made her grand exit.  This list is like sumo itself. 

	If there's an interest in Sumo the list will prevail.  I do wish there
were more avenues of "getting the word out there" for it.

>  For my last thing, I have copied the e-mail Moti sent to me off list so
>  everyone can judge for themselves what kind of member he was.

	Ok, here's where you took a wrong turn.  First everyone knows what kind
of list member he was.  An active, informed, interesting, enjoyable
character who added to the signal end of things rather than the noise.
Second, you do NOT post private/personal email to a list.  It is bad
form and shows a lack of respect to the members of that list.

>  For me, it has become clear that HE wanted to be looked at as the
>  yokozuna of the list.  A fact that you will see if you look at his
>  label on the sumo forum.  To me, he certainly was full of himself.

	First, your interpretation of him is strictly yours.  Some may share
it, most likely do not.  But on a larger scale, WHO FRELLING CARES!  It
happens to be a fact that mailing lists are made up of three basic
personalities; lurkers, occasional posters and those who do all the main
talking.  The personality trait that the last group has is rather larger
than usual egos.  This is NOT a negative.  Ego is important.  Most of
the time my posts come off as either self-deprecating or highly inane.
Why?  Because that's how I enjoy participating.  Some people like it,
some don't.  Who cares?  If you like it you'll get a laugh.  If you
don't, just hit the "D" key.

> >From Moti:

>  By the way, if you do not agree with me, do not bother sending me any
>  flames, after I send this, I will unsubscribe from the list for health
>  reasons.

	There is one thing I may be able to help you with regarding your
health.  I have been enduring great and ever increasing pain due to my
physical situation.  At this time I can't really drive, walk, nor even
sit for any decent length of time.  Some may have noticed my lack of
posts recently.  But I digress.  The point is that I learned a while ago
that I only have a limited amount of energy to give in a day.  If I get
ticked off at something it had better be truly important for me to burn
that energy.  Some of what qualifies as unimportant is anything anyone
sends me via email.  If I'm stuck in traffic, it's a time to enjoy the
sights and listed to more music on the radio.  If someone wants to pick
a fight, they're gonna be picking till the cows come home.  I ain't

	The whole key is the fact that you and you alone control your emotions.
No one can EVER make you mad.  You make YOURSELF mad.  Same goes for
happy, sad, bored, whatever.  It's all in your hands.  You control your
own destiny.

K-jo, the philosophical

Joe "Kuramarujo" Klemmer

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