[OT]My last post to the mailing list. This is going to be long (was... RE: [sumo] OT: Very bad news

Magnus Berg magnus.rie at comhem.se
Thu Feb 7 17:54:55 EST 2008

I made the same observation. As much as I sympathize with the feelings 
of "o s aka" (why does the name make me suspect it's all a joke...?), 
going out with a bang really falls flat when people have no idea who 
you are... But maybe it was only Doreen and I who didn't know this 
person's identity?

And Doreen, you shouldn't be sorry for not writing, your posts are 
valueable whenever they come!

/Maguroyama of Sweden

2008-02-07 kl. 01.37 skrev Doreen Simmons:

> Can't winkle out who this was. But I suppose it's now irrelevant.
> Sorry I still haven't had time to write much to the list lately -- the 
> people who pay me to write have been a little stroppy.
> On 2008/02/06, at 22:35, o s aka wrote:
> Doreen Simmons
>  jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
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