[sumo] Tokitsukaze Oyakata (and 3 rikishi) arrested for death of trainee

Joshua Maciel joshua.maciel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 08:37:29 EST 2008

The story in Japanese:



Bad English translation (mine)
The head of the sumo association, former Yokozuna Kitnoumi, after the
announcement of former tokitsukaze oyakata Yamamoto Junichiro and three
members of the stable being arrested in connection with the death of a
jonokuchi wrestler, said "We'll be watching to see what the decision is, and
take necessary measures to prevent it from happening again" and announced
information about the questionnaires sent about rikishi training to each

The former oyakata had already been removed from the sumo association, but
the arrest also included a current makushita wrestler, as well as two from
the jonidan ranks. The sumo association was unsure what to do with their
salary, as they said there is no precedent set for dealing with arrested

The rijicho said, "We are working on this important issue. That this
happened is truly a pity. In order to prevent having something like this
happen in the future, we are working to create a group to study ways to
prevent violence" but failed to be more specific.

The rijicho was asked to comment on the opening of a sumo association
meeting to take action, but about the timing he said, "I don't know the
specifics, so I can't comment".

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