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Divided by a common language,
http://www.riverdeep.net/current/2001/03/032001_language.jhtml, as
Shaw wrote (or should we attribute it to Churchill, whom Americans
credit with every non-Shakespearean aphorism?)  Actually, Shakespeare,
the Beatles, Dylan, the Bible, and Yogi Berra...that covers it. I'm
the only one who quotes Blake any more, around here.  And no one ever
quotes Lord Byron -- not even Shakespeare!

"Bolshy"?  The word has fallen into disuse. After some modest shifts
in Russian government, more threatening political factions have
emerged, especially to Russian journalists who eat sushi in London.

Did Orwell foretell everything?

On 2/7/08, Barbara <barbara at technogirls.org> wrote:
> Doreen Simmons wrote:
> > Can't winkle out who this was. But I suppose it's now irrelevant.
> >
> > Sorry I still haven't had time to write much to the list lately -- the
> > people who pay me to write have been a little stroppy.
> You forced me to look up "stroppy".  One place said it meant "bolshy"!
> Suddenly I wondered if I had Alzheimers and ordinary words were being
> erased from my mind.  Then I noticed they were Britishisms.  They mean
> pugnacious, argumentative, etc.  I'm such a loyal BBC viewer and love
> British English but for some reason those had never come across to me
> before.
> Knocked me for a loop.  Or, to essay it in British English instead of
> Americanese, "You gave me rather a bit of a fright, my dear."
> Barbara Murasakihana
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