[OT]My last post to the mailing list. This is going to be long (was... RE: [sumo] OT: Very bad news

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Thu Feb 7 01:07:29 EST 2008

Doreen Simmons wrote:
> Can't winkle out who this was. But I suppose it's now irrelevant.
> Sorry I still haven't had time to write much to the list lately -- the 
> people who pay me to write have been a little stroppy.

You forced me to look up "stroppy".  One place said it meant "bolshy"! 
Suddenly I wondered if I had Alzheimers and ordinary words were being 
erased from my mind.  Then I noticed they were Britishisms.  They mean 
pugnacious, argumentative, etc.  I'm such a loyal BBC viewer and love 
British English but for some reason those had never come across to me 

Knocked me for a loop.  Or, to essay it in British English instead of 
Americanese, "You gave me rather a bit of a fright, my dear."

Barbara Murasakihana

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