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Sorry to bring something up from three months ago but I have been recovering from a few strokes and cannot get myself stressed out.  Unfortunately, every time I read a "private" e-mail Moti sent me, I got stressed.
In case you do not recall it, I said that in my opinion he was adding unnecessary letters to shikona and that I thought I might not be the only one who felt that way.  He came back with "I have been doing it that way for 10 years!"  I am sure you all remember that thread.  If you missed it you are the lucky ones.
Anyway, much was written back and forth after I was incapacitated and I was not able to clarify my position.  So, here goes.  There were more than a few who said the extra letters helped them in learning to read or speak Japanese.  In that regard, I totally agree.  There were also a few who agreed with me.  I was just asking to standardize the spelling.  Since most of the list in in English, I would have liked it to be spelled the way it is on the English page of the Kyokai's site.  I assume I am not the only one who uses it.
A side point.  It bothers me greatly when someone butchers a language, any language.  The one that comes to mind it "kroakie singing" instead of karaoke.  What I was trying to get across was you cannot HEAR them in an e-mail.  Having grown up with family members who spoke the language, I can understand a persons interest in learning all they can about the Japanese language.  At one time (by my recollection) I was nearly fluent in it.  A combination of the passing of my grandparents, my leaving Hawai'i and my strokes, I can barely remember anything and probably could not make a sentence now.  Not a lot of chances to speak Japanese in Las Vegas.
Okay, back to what I am trying to say.  There were posts about a flame war, there were posts about losing valuable members, there were posts about losing major contributors to the list.  It appears that since that time, we have lost Moti and Joe Kuroda.  I know from other posts that they are alive and well on the sumo forum.  It also appears that we have regained on back who was THE major contributor to the list in years past, Abe san.
Let's see if I can get this out this time.  I tried once before when Barbara Klein made her grand exit.  This list is like sumo itself.  People come in make their mark and in some cases, move on.  Do you remember David Aragon, Bandy, Kawika and do not forget the Swedes, Germans and Aussies that were on the list.  Some of them may still be here for all I know.  They were part of the list and helped keep it going.  Now there are others taking up the banner.  I know Kobayashi san is still posting the schedules and results, Jeanne Hedge is keeping us informed of the injuries and occasionally the results and news too.  And there is also Barbara and her videos.  There are members in Japan who give us news and insight.  There is the artist who even after so many years around the sport, can still get so excited that she forgets to put the proper tag in the subject.  There is the nurse on the east coast who gets so upset with that.  And of course there are all the lurkers.  My point is that this list is made up of MANY different people whose amount of interest varies as much as their views but not matter what happens the list goes on.  Just like sumo does when a great yokozuna or a 40 something jonidan goes intai, sumo goes on.  New champions emerge to take their places.  So it will be with the list.  Whether Doreen, Lynn, Jejima, Dale, Joe or Kintaro starts to post again or will Jeanne or someone else be the one who brings the results and news to the list, I do not know and will not be around to see who it is but the list will go on.  Someone just has to step up.  In the Hatsu basho, there was a smaller number of posts than in the past but I liken that to the period in sumo when there is a changing of the guard.
For my last thing, I have copied the e-mail Moti sent to me off list so everyone can judge for themselves what kind of member he was.  For me, it has become clear that HE wanted to be looked at as the yokozuna of the list.  A fact that you will see if you look at his label on the sumo forum.  To me, he certainly was full of himself.
>From Moti: The names are usually written here just like on the Kyokai website. Except in my posts. For more than ten years. I don't misunderstand you at all. "The extra letters in an e-mail are a nuisance " to you. And, "there are others who could do without them too". Point taken.  I hadn't realized it was such a big deal and that so many others on the list share your tolerant views.. After all, I almost singlehandedly have been keeping this Mail list relevant after almost everybody who posted any worthwhile posts left-. but what bothers you is how I spell the shikona.. Great. A nuisance, no less.Do not misunderstand me. I will continue to spell the shikona the only way I know-the correct way. Suggestion - The "delete" key is your friend. Use it whenever you see "Kintamayama" as the sender.  I seldom post anything worthwhile anyway. It's this sort of nitpicking that has driven many important contributors away from this mailing list.A nuisance indeed. And please, don't misunderstand me. "I don't want to start a flame war."Kintamayama
By the way, if you do not agree with me, do not bother sending me any flames, after I send this, I will unsubscribe from the list for health reasons.
Aloha, Owen> From: itsulon at wavecable.com> Subject: Re: [sumo] OT: Very bad news (was: Re: My public apology to Moti)> Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 12:12:08 -0800> To: sumo at webtrek.com> > > On Dec 29, 2007, at 7:16 PM, Kuramarujo wrote:> > > On Fri, 2007-12-14 at 08:51 +0800, Jezz wrote:> >> >> As many people know, this mailing list used to be the best place for> >> sumo news in the English language. In recent times, some of the > >> great> >> contributors to this list have either stopped contributing or have> >> emigrated to the sumo forum.> >>> >> This list has been very lucky that Moti has remained loyal to it. It> >> has been his general practice of duplicating his posts both here and> >> on the forum.> >>> >> About a week ago Moti gave us some news about Asashoryu and asageiko.> >> From that bit of news we have ended up with the recent emails to this> >> list.> >>> >> We have not heard from Moti on the list for a few days regarding> >> Asashoryu's degeiko - but he has been updating the sumo forum (see> >> here:--> <http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php? > >> showtopic=13832&st=0>)> >> > This is very disturbing news. I've only gotten through about 130> > messages with over 100 more still to go. It seems there's a problem> > here that could critically affect this list. The very fundamental> > nature of this list might be in jeopardy.> > It all boils down to people caring about the list. If enough people > care about it, it will survive. It probably means some of the > lurkers will have to contribute once in a awhile. It also probably > means some list members who read Sumo Forum need to post about info > they get from it, so we can talk about it here. We have been spoiled > by Moti and Joe, but now it appears we'll have to do more of the work > ourselves. But in the end, it all comes down to the current list > members caring enough to support it. Good luck to us!> > Lon Howard> Shomishuu> > _______________________________________________> Sumo mailing list> Sumo at webtrek.com> http://www.webtrek.com/mailman/listinfo/sumo
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