[sumo] 20 straight losers

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On 2/3/08, Hal Shaver <hal6671 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> My personal thoughts on this is that quite likely Kotoshogiku will make
Ozeki before Ama,
> if indeed Ama ever does.  The Mongolians seem renowned for their use of
vaious "techniques"
> of questionable usage e.g. henka, inashi, ketaguri to name a few.

You're right.  Why should rikishi resort to such perfectly legal,
intriguing manuevers when they can simply lumber to yorikiri wins
every single bout?

  - Peterao
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Now, Now, Peterao,

Believe me when I say I am a fervent admirer of using a variety of kimarite
however, I place things such as henka moves, inashi side steps and those
Involving yanking the leg(s) out from under a charging rikishi as being at
least questionable if not downright dangerous.

Lumbering yorikiri?  Musashimaru, Konishiki and the ilk are intai, there are
very few of the lumbering behemoths left.  We for the most part, thankfully,
are watching a leaner, smarter, more physical bunch of rikishi.  Both
Yokozunas (especially Asashoryu) but Hakuho as well have developed excellent
repertoires of multiple kimarite with which to dazzle the crowd and their
opponents without (on a regular basis, at least) indulging in the types of
moves that I am criticizing.

I know that as long as the Kyokai continues to leave these "techniques" on
the least people will use them but I believe the shishos should continue to
preach them down as less-than-desired ozumo.  Take the ridiculous display of
the somewhat oafish (in his inexperience) Wakanoho pulling a "hopping
Hayateumi" maneuver on Iwakiyama (and getting burned by it I might add).  He
not only looked ridiculous but admitted he had been told it wasn't allowable
but he "though it looked cool" so he wanted to keep using it.  He has a
chance to go far in sumo but only if Magaki oyakata  (moto Wakanohana II)
can regain his own health enough to truly take charge again at the heya.

I believe sumo can be (and has been for me since 1972) enormously
entertaining and enthralling without these kinds of shenanigans.  Sure the
times they are a changin' and all that and yes they are allowing a certain
amount of "personalization" (Takamasakari's self flagellation; Kitazakura's
enormous salt throws; etc.) but in general the rikishi need to display a
little more quiet dignity and grace.

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver

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