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Below is a post that I originally sent to this list in November 2002.
Sorry for the reposting, but it is good for comparison to the previous
email I have just sent.


I have now read the whole of November's edition of Sumo World, and have
enjoyed it immensely.  (I particularly like the article on Terao's career).

As usual there doesn't seem to be have been any proof-reading.

Here are a few gems (from many)....

P.3 (in the box for Musashimaru):- "While Takanohana has the edge this time,
Maru should"   (Should what?  Please tell!)

P.5 (in the box for Takamisakari):- "While strong, he has an erratic steak"
(Medium-rare is my preference ;-)

P.8 (in the box on Gojoro) "Plagued with injuries since the early years of
his career, he may finally be about to achieve his full potential. 5 wins"

P.8 (in the box for Akinoshima) "Prospects:  Akinoshima is fighting for his
live to survive a little in Makunouchi, but the aging veteran has now fallen
as far as he can go.  He needs to achieve kachi-koshi in November or face
demotion to Juryo for the first time in 14 years or retirement.  Likely to
win 8 bouts."

Apart from 'live' instead of 'life', the slightly tautological 'aging
veteran', the exaggerated 'has now fallen as far as he can go' and the
inaccurate statement that he needs a KK to stay in Makunouchi (a 7-8 MK
would also probably be enough), there is not much wrong with this, until you
read the box directly above it, for TAMARIKIDO which reads "Prospects:
Akinoshima has just about reached the end of his line.  At 35, his power and
technique are largely gone and he wins through his sharp instincts developed
over a 20 year career.  He would probably prefer to retire rather than fall
to Juryo, but may have to soldier on due to Futagoyama Beya's decline.
Likely to narrowly hang on with 7 wins."  ;-)

P.16 (Mongolian-born Ozeki Asashoryu by Andy Adams)
"As Just as Takamiyama and Konishiki..."  (these two Hawai'ian rikishi were
reknowned for their fairness ;-)

"Although he has become virtually fluent in Japanese, he recalls how shocked
he was the first time he met the wife of his oyakata (ex-Ozeki Asashio)
because he misunderstood the traditional term for a stablemaster's wife
(okami-san) as "ookami" -- wolf.  (You can cut this paragraph if you want
since it was taken from the JT interview.)"   (Clyde decides to include
Andy's admittance of plaguirising the Japan Times in the article?! ;-)

P.21 (Takanohana as the "MVP" by Ryo Hatano)  "...Long ago, Takanohana's
uncle, former Yokozuna Wakanohana I noted that this type of loud cheering
could be clearly heard on the dohyo and wasn't very conductive to
concentration.  How did Takanohana react to this unusually biosterous [sic]
cheering?  According to the Sumo Kyokai staff, tickets for the day available
at the Kokugikan sold out at an unbelievably fast rate."  (The way I read
this is that as Taka was being put off by the loud cheering, he sent his
tsukebitos out each morning to buy all the available tickets remaining to
reduce the audience.)

P.23 (Takanohana a Slight Favorite in Fukuoka but Needs to Get Off to A
Strong Start by Clyde Newton (Capital letters In the Title Are the same As
in Sumo World)):-  "Although ozeki Asashoryu has never won more than 12
bouts, it is just a question of time before he takes his first yokozuna.  In
all likelihood he should be able to do so next year."  (I wonder which one
he will take?  Probably 'Maru, as Taka is the more likely to retire by then

P.24 (Behind the Curtain by David Meisenzahl - Sorry Kawika! ;-)

(On the subject of Gokenzan) "If the listings are to be believed, then he is
a very rikishi boy at 195.5 kg."

P.28 (Takatoriki Reaches the End of the Line by Clyde Newton):- "Failing in
his first Juryo tournament with a 6-1 record, he was demoted back to
Makushita..."  (In those days, there were only 7 bouts in a Juryo Basho, and
a winning record could still mean demotion.)

Spot the 'eek'!

Some great authors can't resist using a favourite word in their works.  For
example, Agatha Christie can't resist using 'twinkle'.  It's there in at
least half her books, usually towards the end.  Clyde cannot resist 'eek'
(which of course means 'the high-pitched noise made by elderly spinsters
when confronted by a mouse in their bed-rooms', and should not be confused
with 'eke', which means 'to achieve something with difficulty'.)  It is
there in every recent Sumo World, sometimes more than once.  This edition's
eek sighting is on P. 25 (Aki Basho Roundup / Hi-lights).  "Musoyama barely

Leaving you with that colourful thought of a naked Musoyama squeaking,...


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