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I don't suppose anyone TIVO'd this program.  I would gladly pay for the
DVD and postage if some one could send me a copy. 


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On Jan 30, 2008, at 1:15 PM, Robert Hovestadt wrote:

> Inside Sumo tonight at 8pm ET on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL..

Yes, and my thanks as well for the reminder.  Like Manumet, I also
enjoyed the show, but am feeling picky today.  For me, the first half
was much better than the second half...the up close and personal views
of heya life and especially the views and quips from Ichinoya; and
Asashoryu's 'American Idol' debut (karaoke) was a huge hit.  Also the
turtle blood and raw horsemeat part.  BTW, Asasekiryu didn't look NEARLY
as enthusiastic about the turtle energy drink as the yokozuna.  I'm not
into amasumo but I enjoyed the remark from the American rikishi who says
he doesn't "go raw" (mawashi only) anymore because the only time he did,
the thing slipped and he was embarrassed.  He said the amateurs don't
know how to wrap it like the professionals (in Japan) do.  Asashoryu
sprinting on the beach at Hawaii was an impressive sight, and I'm sure
amazed all who know  
nothing of sumo and many who do.   Man can that guy move it!

I wish they had focused more on the life of the lower division guys
instead of almost exclusively on Asashoryu and Hakuho.  If they had, the
dedication of  rikishi would have been much more apparent.  The last
half of the program (on the Japanese side) was exclusively focused on
how Asashoryu prepared for the Hawaii basho, and wasn't any different
than much of the standard ESPN spots they run out from time to time.  It
also made it look like the Hawaii basho was a real competition ( which
it wasn't of course),  and it also made it look like Asashoryu was the
basho winner, which he wasn't...Hakuho was.

But any sumo on tv is good, so I'm sure I'll be looking at the recording

Lon Howard

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