[sumo] Meiji Jingu Dohyo-iri

MBtatton at aol.com MBtatton at aol.com
Sat Dec 27 02:07:27 EST 2008

The 2009 dedication at Meiji Jingu (yokozuna dohyo-iri) will take place on 
Tuesday the 6th at 1500 - for the interested.

Having been to a few, I would recommend getting there at least 60-90 mins 
earlier and to hug the wire / rope fence.

The seats on the right (as you look at the shrine) will be taken by oyakata 
but those on the left are OK to sit in - although the media folk do turn up at 
the last mins with their mini-footladders and cameras to try and get in front 
of these seats.

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