[sumo][games] Sekitori-Oracle, Sekitori-Quadrumvirate and Odd Sumo invitation, Hatsu 2009

Wojciech Golczyk wgolczyk at epf.pl
Wed Dec 24 14:41:55 EST 2008

Hi everyone!

I want to invite you to play Sekitori Oracle, Sekitori Quadrumvirate and Odd
Sumo in Hatsu Basho 2009.

All games are now ready to receive your picks.
Don't forget that for each game you play you have to register for the
upcoming basho
(or ask for kosho if you will be absent)

Shortly about rules:

For Sekitori-Oracle simply predict what all Sekitori's records will be at
the upcoming basho.
The closer you predict the more points you get.
Please make sure you entered guess for every rikishi in makuuchi and juryo
(excluding kyujo rikishi).

For Sekitori Quadrumvirate each day you submit your selection of 4 sekitori.
If at least 3 of your daily 4 rikishi win, you will receive a win for that
Once you have selected a sekitori in your daily 4, you may not use that
rikishi again for the entire basho.

For Odd Sumo - at the beginning every player will be granted 30 points
(ANTE) - something like virtual money.
You can bet these points on any day of the basho on 3-6 rikishi. You must
spend no less than 15 ante points during the whole basho to be classified.
Player will receive points if all of the rikishi from his bet win on that

Golynohana's sumo site main page:
 <http://www.sumogames.com/golynohana> http://www.sumogames.com/golynohana

Sekitori Oracle:


Odd Sumo:

To see the full rules of the games go here:
SO rules ->  <http://www.anasuya.com/oracle/rules.html>
SQ rules ->  <http://www.anasuya.com/4/rules.html>
Odd Sumo rules ->  <http://www.oddsumo.de/rulesen.php>

If you have any question or problems with using my site don't hesitate to
contact me either by e-mail or by using form at this url:

I wish you much fun with playing the games!




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