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Tue Dec 23 21:22:10 EST 2008

I think you will find that getting permission to publish in a publication that costs money 
still requires going through channels. Admittedly it is quite a time since I wrote an article 
for a Smithsonian publication, for which I had to get photos of some of their most valuable holdings. 
Explaining that this was a learned publication which could not afford commercial rates took considerable 
negotiation, and I still remember the satisfaction of seeing that great fat seal in place -- I think it was Futagoyama 
in those days. (I probably still have a photocopy stashed away somewhere.)

MB said: >times might be changing there as lovely a guy as the boss is. The (Japanese 
>English?) ''face pass'' seems to have ruled the roost for the last 3 years or 
>so now - never needed the actual chop.

Doreen Simmons
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