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Lynn Matsuoka artist at aloha.net
Tue Dec 23 13:04:34 EST 2008

Doreen is right about the usual progression, However, Kokonoe( former
Chiyonofuji) loves and appreciates artwork like you would not believe.

Kitanoumi couldn't care less.
So, sounds good to me.

>> Kokonoe Oyakata will be in charge of the Sumo Museum starting January
>> 1st. He replaces former Taihou who resigned a while ago.
> Ouch! Last time I saw him in the doorway to the Sumo Museum, Taiho
> oyakata was in a wheel chair -- this is no surprise -- but the post
> normally goes to the top man who has just retired as Rijicho -- this
> would  be Kitanoumi oyakata. What's with giving it to a middle-aged and
> very active oyakata? Is Kitanoumi being sidelined just because he had
> this problem Russian?
> Doreen Simmons
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CNN reported on the artist: “Few artists so completely dominate their
field that their name becomes synonymous with the subject matter, but Lynn
Matsuoka has succeeded in capturing the essence of Sumo and has won a
loyal following along the way”

Her artwork is in corporate and private collections around the world, in
the Morikami Museum collection, and was recently requested by the National
Sumo Museum in Tokyo .

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