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Tue Dec 23 06:01:23 EST 2008

Wakanoho to receive severance pay
The Daily Yomiuri 
The Japan Sumo Association intends to make a severance payment to former  
wrestler Wakanoho, who was fired in August after his arrest for marijuana  
possession, it was learned Monday.  
The payment, believed to be more than 5 million yen, will be discussed and  
likely approved at a board meeting.  
Wakanoho, whose real name is Soslan Gagloev, has filed a lawsuit seeking to  
nullify his dismissal, and also is demanding unpaid salary. If his suit fails, 
 the JSA will authorize the severance payment.  
Association policy states that wrestlers and stablemasters who are expelled  
from sumo are not entitled to severance pay. However, the policy does not  
specify whether individuals who are merely dismissed can be denied the  
To expel a wrestler or stablemaster, more than 75 percent of board members,  
councillors, yokozuna and ozeki have to vote for a special resolution.  
A lawyer for the 20-year-old Russian contacted the JSA in November to demand  
severance pay if his suit fails. The JSA said it would make the payment if 
the  court upholds the wrestler's dismissal.  
Russian brothers Roho and Hakurozan were fired in September after testing  
positive for marijuana in tests administered by the JSA. A senior association  
official said it "will also be legally required to pay [their benefits] if a  
request is made.  
"I believe we have to discuss revising the policy [over paying severance]."  
In other sumo news:  
--The JSA board announced the cancellation of next autumn's tour to London.  
The event, which was due to to be held at the Royal Albert Hall on Oct. 7-11,  
had struggled to attract sponsors.  
Association chairman Musashigawa said future tours were also in jeopardy,  
saying that due to the world financial crisis, "things are bound to get worse."  
(Dec. 23,  2008)

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