[sumo] Bad news for the London koen

MBtatton at aol.com MBtatton at aol.com
Mon Dec 22 20:00:28 EST 2008

"In the case of the Kyokai official who told him he knew  nothing about the 
plan, that could be easily explained  -- if the  Kyokai directors were about to 
announce that they were going back on  the contract, of course nobody would 
talk about it before the fact.""

I was talking about a contact I myself informed of the actual trip to the UK. 
He didn't know they were going to London until I told him. My confusiion with 
regards to that - as I mentioned in the post to answer Lynn - was where that 
actual (first) announcement came from as I cannot recall clearly.

Emperor's birthday (75) in Japan so a public hol (bloody lucky as my own too 
- but a tad younger!) and perfect day to go out. Enjoy it one and all.

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