[sumo] London jungyo/NOT?

Lynn Matsuoka artist at aloha.net
Mon Dec 22 10:19:34 EST 2008

> was it the JSA who made the announcement Lynn??I

I actually heard about it being clinched here on the list. I also was
looking forward to it, as  last time, I had a really good show at Royal
Albert Hall in conjunction with  Sumo . I was invited  by the London
sponsors, who turned out to be difficult, even to the JSA, so Dewanoumi
Rijicho organized the whole thing for me and was a tremendous help. I
don't expect that kind of support with the present JSA crew, but I was
planning on doing something...

I will try to contact an old friend of mine, the recently retired British
Ambassador to Japan to see what he can find out about all of this.

Any other leads?


> can't recall it clearly but I seem to remember something odd there, first
> news originating in the UK as opposed to Japan? As I said though - not
> sure there.
> ?
> I do recall raising it (the whole trip to London) with?one JSA contact as
> we
> were chatting one day some time after, and it was (then) the first he had
> heard.
> ?
> Unfortunate as I was looking at working on that
> trip - a first for me and something I was looking forward to as I haven't
> been
> to the UK in quite long
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