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Looks like a cancellation.
Nobody puts Asashoryu in the  corner.
[December 19, 2008]
LEAD: Grand Sumo Tournament in London to be cancelled,  bad economy cited+
(Japan Economic Newswire Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) TOKYO, Dec.  20_(Kyodo) 

The planned 2009 London Grand  Sumo Tournament will be cancelled due to the 
severe economic conditions,  an official of the Japan Sumo Association said 

The  association has been told by local sponsors that it would be impossible 
to  stage the tour on account of the strong Japanese currency, sumo chief  
spokesman Kokonoe, former yokozuna grand champion Chiyonofuji,  said.

"Given the current situation of the bad economy, it perhaps  cannot be 
helped," Kokonoe said. "I will first report it at a meeting of  the board."

The association's directors are scheduled to hold a  regular meeting on 
Monday where they are expected to formally decide on  the cancellation of the 
event, which had been planned to take place at the  Royal Albert Hall in London 
from Oct. 7 through 11.

The strong yen has  lifted the estimated cost of the event for the sponsors 
by around 60  percent from what they had initially expected, an association 
source  said.

The pound has steadily lost ground against the yen after it  was trading at 
just over 210 yen in summer. The prevailing rate last week  was just under 140 
yen to the pound.

The association last  staged a London tour in 1991. The last overseas event 
was a tournament in  Las Vegas in the United States in October 2005.

Apart from those  tours of the sumo association, sumo wrestlers also 
participate in overseas  events such as one in Mongolia in August.

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