[sumo] English Broadcast

Doreen Simmons jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
Mon Dec 8 18:10:32 EST 2008

Sorry,  they can't afford both of us (and even when he's with one 
play-by-play man, it's a tight squeeze at the table). In the old days I 
sometimes appeared with Azumazeki oyakata -- but he was hard to draw 
out. "I am a quiet man", he used to say. When we weren't on air, he was 
a fount of information!


On 2008/12/09, at 4:22, Jack Gartin wrote:

> Wouldn't it be interesting if we could have Doreen and Musashimaru 
> together
> on the broadcast?  Has it ever happened?  Could it?
> Tamagoyama
Doreen Simmons
  jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
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