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> Google Chushingura and you'll soon find the story, though it nearly 
> always
> places the end of the story in the graveyard of the Sengakuji shrine in
> Shinagawa; it hardly ever mentions that the really exciting events 
> ended in Ryogoku.
> This year some local history group has set up little notice boards all 
> around
> the place, each telling the story of that particular place, plus copy 
> of old
> picture.
> That would be pretty interesting but I think most know that the meaty 
> end of
> the action took place up in Ryogoku as opposed to down in Shinagawa as 
> the
> whole journey down to Shinagawa was something of a feature of the tale.

Not if you rely on Google, I think.
> Wonder if the groups you menion tells their readers that the number 47 
> is a
> tad fictional?
About the kid who wasn't there, you mean?

> Also - to add- those 20k tickets are still on offer 4/5 days after the
> weekend - cash only.

Thanks -- but see latest message.

I do recommend people in the area to try out the street market, Ryogoku 
3-chome, in the street in front of Kira Koen, this coming Saturday and 
Sunday. Mainly remaindered clothes -- it's an area of wholesalers -- 
(reminder to me: DON'T buy any more!) but also specials from other 
local businesses, old and new sumo souvenirs, plus chanko-nabe and 
other hot foods put on by the neighbor ladies, fresh bananas, 
remaindered toys, and having your picture taken with local men dressed 
as Lord Kira and his main enemy Kozunosuke and getting it put on a 
year's calendar, for a moderate price. A couple of years ago my 
hairdresser's son took his turn to dress up in splendid brocade and 
when I went in brandishing my calendar with him and me on it, all the 
other customers went off to get their pictures taken, too. And at the 
back, the little square park that is all that remains of old Lord 
Kira's residence, including the well where the avengers washed his head 
before wrapping it in a white furoshiki and carrying it south to their 
lord's tomb at Sengakuji. This is reenacted every year. One time, early 
in my time here, I went along with them. These days the Faithful 
Retainers make the journey by subway -- and the look on the faces of 
the subway passengers when around forty samurai got on the train at 
Higashi Nihonbashi station (they filled up two compartments) remains 
one of my favorite memories of all my time in Tokyo.

Doreen in reminiscent mood
  jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp

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