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Doreen Simmons jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
Mon Dec 8 09:22:47 EST 2008

Thanks for this, Doris.  Once bitten, twice shy -- I missed the booklet 
a year or so back and was in a pretty pickle, so I make a point of 
going on the first day of maeuri; one, I value the peace of mind when 
my tickets are in the bag; and two, it's a convenient day to go and get 
them anyway, since I live only a five-minute bicycle ride away and can 
do other things till my number comes up. I should point out that, for a 
person like me who wants to cover the maezumo preliminaries that happen 
on Days 2-6 (and 7 where needed) the advance booking is essential since 
by the time you go to the ticket window and buy a tojitsuken, maezumo 
is over.

On 2008/12/08, at 20:45, Doris Woo wrote:

> Hi Doreen,
>> Here in Ryogoku, I got my 15-day pack of unreserved seats today; the
>> ticket sales seemed to go faster than expected. Since I am not in the
>> market for fancy sajiki or better, there is no point in heroics. I
>> cycle around somewhere between eight or nine, get a seiriken, check 
>> the
>> board which tells you the hour at which your number will come up, and
>> went on with the rest of my life.
> Thanks for your posts about buying tickets & the 
> brisker-than-usual-sales comment.  You're spot on because it turns out 
> that the 15-day GA tickets are already sold out!
> Looking forward to hearing your NHK commentary shifts next month (if 
> you're doing any)!

I hope so -- but never know till about a week before when I'm on.


Doreen Simmons
  jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp

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