[sumo] Bikes - non-sumo except for the fact I like sumo - and bikes

MBtatton at aol.com MBtatton at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 18:47:32 EST 2008

cheers Robert,

I have seen a couple of blogs but experience with some bikes once taught me 
that they were 'there' just named differently - subsidiary perhaps.

Anyway... I did own a Huffy in the early 90s - bought at a BX on a US air 
force base in SE Turkey called Incirlik. Not a bad machine but prone to loosening 
of the bolts keeping the handlebar in place and wheel frames buckled too 
easily for me. Took back to the UK and had it nicked pretty soon after!

Never saw another Huffy i n the UK at that time.  

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