[sumo] Talks on sumo in Tokyo area

MBtatton at aol.com MBtatton at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 18:28:20 EST 2008

Any person in the 

a. Central Tokyo

b. Kanagawa (Yokohama / Kawasaki) 

area interested in giving a talk on sumo, history, role of individual 
characters in the modern game, its place in modern Japanese society etc?

I am invited to do quite a few of these talks as part of the day job, but 
have recently become a little bit too busy to accept all such invitations. To 
that end, in case anyone else here is up for it, I can pass your own name on if 
that happens in the future - me not being able to do.

They are paid of course - around 10-20,000 yen per 90 mins (private places 
paying higher than the universities) which requires that anyone doing the talk 
not only know sumo, but that they be a registered tax payer on a working visa / 
better (spouse / permanent). 

All talks are within the standard working day (9-6ish) and will likely 
require one short meeting with those asking at least 2/3 / more weeks in advance.

Male or female doesn't matter, exact residency not important but the main 
areas are Tokyo / Yokohama.

Anyway - let me know if interested by mail please.


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