[sumo] Bikes - non-sumo except for the fact I like sumo - and bikes

MBtatton at aol.com MBtatton at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 05:22:21 EST 2008

Odd mail but one to ask if any of the US based members have ever heard of a 
bike (bicycle) produced by Chevrolet? If so, know of any stockists stateside?

After a test 'ride' a couple of months ago I picked up a Chevvy mountain bike 
for a very reasonable 350 US$, have been over the moon since even when 
comparing to a GIANT I had back in the mid 90s, and will never ever go back to the 

Have tried to check on a few of the technical aspects to prep for a bit of a 
long trip here in Japan, but not having much joy - thinking it could have been 
a 'only for Japan' product a la Old Parr whisky (not seen in Scotland 
apparently and only for export).

Anyone heard of this bike?

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