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Hi there! There's no range at all; these are the "same day" tickets you 
would buy for 2,100 yen on the day if you turned up without a reserved 
ticket. They entitle you to entry, and any seat you can find free on 
upstairs row 14 -- that is, the back row on all four sides (but not 
across the corners, which are row 12). If you go in the first week on a 
weekday, this is a bargain, because you can almost sit in seats much 
further forward, which people have not bought. If it's a weekend, 
forget it -- if you arrive early, put something like a newspaper on any 
vacant seat on row 14 and then enjoy sitting nearer the front till the 
real customers come.

But for some years now the Kyokai has deducted 50 from the daily number 
and stapled them -- all 15 -- together  in a little package that they 
sell for 20,000 yen. That is what I get, because, being in full 
employment but only after about 10:30, I can get in for the first hour 
or so on a weekday and enjoy (in the first week) the maezumo qualifiers 
for new entrants, all the jonokuchi and maybe a bit of the jonidan. 
This is also my opportunity for renewing acquaintance and chatting with 
a lot of the background people, who mainly go unnoticed. On weekends I 
make sure of bagging my row 14 seat first (except for the day when I 
get two good ones from my stable connection). I always have a spare for 
the second Friday when the sumo starts later and I am already at work 
before it begins. One member of the list used to get this ticket, and 
if he ever comes back to Japan he owes me at least two beers. (You know 
who you are!)

On Takamisakari, I have no insider news at all. Just read the press 

Best, Doreen  back from two very busy days mainly as a singer.

On 2008/12/07, at 6:02, dss902 wrote:

> What are the price ranges for a 15 day block of tickets. Both the low 
> and
> the high end? Are there any goodies for the 15 day block?

> Lastly, have you heard anything about Takamisakari? Not only did he 
> have a
> great Kyushu tournament but he showed some of the best sumo I have 
> seen for
> him.
> Thanks in advance!
> As Always,
> Craig
> ...for good or for awesome
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